Title: My Mom Millie

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Summary: We think the idea of a Living Obit is awesome. We plan to do them with family and our peeps. It’s a challenge worth the effort to summarize a life to date and add to it over time. You won’t remember much even 10 years later. We found, it makes for good conversation and facts come out that you never knew and now they are documented forever. You’d be surprised, if you wait until someone passes to write about them there is so much you do not remember, never knew, you are sad, it is so hard to do, and it ends up saying little about a life. Now we have it forever for ourselves and for others.

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Writer: Martin Wax

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CZ Review: We love the concept of the "Living Obit". Think of it as sharing a summary of the person. Lester does a nice job of sharing some insights and highlights of Mil. This is so much more than an obituary and so much easier then a biography, which few will ever write or read. This is a fine person, now everyone can know. Cool