Title: Dear Maggie

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Summary: LGBT youth! Pining! Unrequited love! Existential crisis! Weirdly philosophical fourth graders! Welcome to the angst-filled extravaganza! Trigger/Content warnings: Catholic/religious guilt, body dysmorphia, eating disorder behavior* This story follows the life of Sam Pierce, a Catholic fourth grader who realizes she loves her best friend Maggie as more than a friend. There's plenty of pining and emotions as Sam tries to navigate her feelings for Maggie while being in a religion that condemns same-sex attraction. I wrote this story when I was a kid and decided to remake it as an adult to reflect growing up LGBT+ while in a conservative/Catholic life. The characters' personalities and some of the highly-specific details or cultural references are inspired by personal experience but the main plot is not. Obviously names have been changed for any character who is based on a particular person but this isn't autobiographical or based in real life, although it is inspired by real life.

Word Count: 19119

Writer: Cashmere Wells

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Trigger Warning – A sweet coming of age story, this tale follows the lives of Maggie and Sam, two best friends who are separated by different schools, and later by geography after one moves away. It confronts many issues pertaining to growing up, like body image and sexuality. Written in a childlike voice, it’s a lovely glimpse into the struggle to come of age and the nature of friendship. CZ